Sunday, 17 October 2010


Here’s one conscientious blogger who'll never get tired of advising her fellow human inhabitants... To change our world, we have to look within to make those changes we want to see happen in our world...

During the past year I’ve learned much about living & writing. I know what it means to live, breath and feel my own writing through words & thoughts and by regularly embracing my imagination. I know only too well what it brings into my life and I'm aware of how it makes me feel right through to my core. Over the past 24months I’ve healed so much... probably much more so than in the last 30 years. I sense that’s because I’ve turned full circle and found the opportunity and inclination to write. Consequently I can observe and truly feel life’s valuable lessons.

For me writing has brought a blend of creativity and imagination which I feel has somehow magically developed my storytelling skills. I see from reading others, we all possess a wonderful style that I presume reflects important parts of our personalities. I find it very interesting when I read my own work back; I distinctly hear my voice with all its quirks and twists. One of my wishes is that when others read me, they like the style and sense the genuine sincerity from my tone.

I also hope as a writer when I scribe be it fact or fiction, I want to reflect my own style and attitude as it's personally felt at the time of me writing. I recognise when writing, my whole thought process and attitude can be extreme depending of course on the subject matter... For instance, I've found when I write fiction I’m able to see and sense the very place I write about and I know I’ve reported this before, but the characters are as real to me as my own family. So if my readers comprehend my writing style as I’ve written it... I know my story/article will affect them, which is just one of the many reasons I enjoy writing.

I realise I’m not the best writer in the world and although initially that was extremely important to me, over the months I’ve happily discovered it’s not as important as I once thought. The important thing for me is that I am real and write to the very best of my ability, enabling readers to enjoy and get something from whatever I’ve written. I especially want them to hear my voice and feel its tone. Depending on what the subject is, I’d also be pleased to know they hear within my style the objective getting the informal and personal flow. I hope they get the informative or affective style and essentially detect the attitude from within the pages.

So when you think of writers just sitting down and tapping away or burning the ink along blank pages... I think I'm right in saying for most of us it’s a much more important job. We consider our readers and the affect our words, thoughts and ideas may have on them. I very often hear that words are soooooooooooo powerful... they can boost, energise and give hope... they empower and undo... The power of having the right words at the right time as we all know can be phenomenal and if said at the right time can be healing.

I’ve also read quite a bit recently on individuals encouraging us to be controversial, challenging with words as well as a firm attitude. Although I don’t disagree with using these skills should one need them, I do disagree with flaunting oneself in a manner that comes across as aggressive or even hostile, possibly giving the view to others of being un-compromising.

This week I have been accused of being ‘too soft’ when faced with this accusation I smiled. Personally... as I've already stated in a previous blog, I’d much rather work with honey then vinegar and through the years I’ve witnessed more positive results my way, not just from actions but with my words. I decided long ago I'd much rather be soft then hold a cold hard heart. Unfortunately I’ve witnessed people with this quality and its my opinion they do nothing in terms of their best for the people they work with.... I cannot over empathise this point enough but, it can be done by simply remembering, no matter who we converse, interact or support... just gently remind yourself, this could be your daughter, sister, mother, aunty, niece, son, uncle, dad, brother.

Everyone, no matter whom it is... is unconditionally important!



  1. A great post. Each of us has his or her own style, and we all have something to say. It's nice to read your post, since I like your style and your way of thinking.

  2. Mike just so you know, that's music to my ears... Thank you for taking the time to comment, Its truly appreciated!


  3. I know you wrote this a little while back so I hope you still get this. Jane you hit the right chord with this post! Being a musician as well as an amateur blogger that means a hell of lot!
    I hope to see you write something more. I'm looking forward to the reality, not just an impression left by the beliefs of others that are parroted to the masses. Keep it honest.

  4. Thank you I got it and I'm honoured by your words... I promise I'll always keep it honest, no point being anything else... I truly appreciate your time and thoughts.

    I've got a couple of things I'm working on for my next blog feature but my full time job is getting in the way Arghhhhhhhhhhhh lol :)