Sunday, 17 October 2010

30. Domestic Service. Our Senator is Missing...

When all around you moves in slow motion and your brain disengages... you must know you’re body's in shock and the time's come for you to stop... breathe slowly, so that your able to concentrate on reality, focus on the event, quickly ensure everyone's accounted for and safe... But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sadly the senators PA, Jonathon and security crew soon discovered...

Jonathon’s ashen face reveals all as he stares disbelievingly at the carnage before him. A walkie-talkie's been thrust into his grasp. He spots Jake lying in a heap at the back end of the car, he’s not moving, it doesn’t look good. Moving over to Crystal he kneels beside her. Into the communicator he frantically hisses a request for more back up and demands ambulance services hurry-up. Gently he talks to her. Within her eyes he observes distress as she stares over at Jake. It’s not hard to see the guy’s in big damn trouble.

The whirring noise over-head deafens, Jonathan can’t hear himself think. Security floods the area. Police helicopters circle the property.

Crystal unbelievably tries to get up; pushing her back gently he hears her commanding him to listen...

“6ft 2” medium build, brown eyes, head covered with a black balaclava, eyebrows brown, black faded leather jacket, blue jeans faded-black t-shirt a Pepsi emblem on the front across the chest” she stops to breath, “suspect wore grubby white trainers with a hole in the right toe piece, tip of his little finger missing on his left hand, on his right hand forefinger, a silver band”

Jonathon parrot like, repeats word for word her observations into the shiny black walkie-talkie. Amid the chaos he guiltily realises if he had any doubts about Crystal’s professional abilities, then he needn’t have.

Crystal cries Jake’s name out loud.

“Over here” Jonathon screams to ambulance personnel.

When he’s satisfied Jake and Crystal are in the ambulance, he moves quickly into the house.

Second in command of security after Jake, Alex Mahoney steps forward,

“Sorry Jonathon this is a no-go area”

“The senator and his family, are they ok?”

An uncomfortable silence follows; it penetrates his heart causing ice cold needles to sting.

“Tell me there ok for god’s sake” he demands.

“The senator’s missing, according to the security diary, Kristina and the children are with grandparents, we’re still waiting for that to be confirmed”

Alex stops to assess Jonathon’s take on things then continues.

“It appears on their return Crystal and Jake interrupts.”

Just as Alex‘s hand-piece crackles into life, he brushes a large hairy hand across his bald patch above greying hair.

Jonathon falls against the wall. Images of he and the senator playing poker emerge from inside his brain.

“Jonathon, as the senators PA we’re going to need your input, unfortunately there are two further fatalities in the kitchen, we believe it to be the maid and cook?”

“God no, no how the hell can this be happening, security was stepped up, tightened, even increased due to recent threats”

Without revealing classified information, it appears we have a leak from within which is currently being investigated.” Alex studies Jonathon’s body language, “you gonna be ok?” He asks.

Jonathon doesn’t answer instead; he squeezes his eyes shut. When he re-opens them Alex is gone. Walking towards the kitchen, the chaos is apparent, vases smashed and strewn across the floor as if a struggle’s taken place; Jonathon knew the senator wouldn’t have gone without a fight.

The kitchen door's wide open, two deceased females lie close to one another, blood's splattered across the kitchen units as if they've been callously shot at point black range. Dear god they must have seen it coming thought Jonathon as he crouched on his haunches, elbows on his knees cradling a head incapable of digesting the horrific scene before him. In all of his life he’d never felt so helpless and alone.

“Can we help you sir?” came a warm southern voice.

Looking up he saw four suits surrounding him.

“Yeah, I need to get to the hospital”


  1. Coming from you lovely that means a lot! :)

  2. Wow! I enjoyed this. And the scenes you painted seemed so real. I don't have to get to a hospital, but I do have to get to bed (it's about 2:25 am here). So goodnight, and thank you for this story.

  3. Thank you... its a series I'm working on. I'm really enjoying writing and researching this particular project. I sincerely hope you get time to read the rest but for now sweet dreams! :)