Sunday, 10 October 2010

29. Domestic Service... Togetherness.

When a window of opportunity presents itself, Crystal finally grabs the bull by both its horns and makes a liberating clean slate. She must express her feelings; tell Jake honestly how she feels... but the question is will he receive this information lovingly, or because of their occupations will he stop her in her tracks? Nervous, she contemplates the situation deciding it’s now or never.

Leaning against the kitchen table with his arms folded, Jake grins.

“You ready then?”

“Yes of course”

The drive to the shopping mall is excruciating. Crystal overwhelmed completely with nerves wants simply to blurt her heart out, but realistically she knows it needs doing face to face.

Jake quiet as a church mouse thinks deep thoughts; every so often he flash flicks his eyes sideways, curious as to what Crystal’s doing. Viewing the scenery, Crystal in her own little world is thankful that the day is warm, sunny and beautiful. She knows a golden opportunity has presented itself. She realises this is the first time she and Jake have been alone together without of course the added pressure of being immersed in their working environment.

The hum from the air conditioner switches off as Jake parks up.

Jake ever the gentleman he is shoots round to her side of the car to open it. This endears him even further.

“Right then madam, where to first?” Jake enquires, teasing.

The next 3 hours the couple spend their shopping time viewing, buying necessities with care. Each purchase has a firm destination.

“I’m shattered” Crystal sighs.

“Right then, Lets go and eat”

They spy a really beautiful restaurant overlooking a seriously stunning lake.

Jake and Crystal are wait a few moments before they are shown to their seats; both take in the gorgeous architecture of the building and the beauty of its surroundings. Crystal doesn’t want the day to end.

The restaurant has a rustic ambience. Its warm interior, feels a little like being in a luxury log cabin in Switzerland. Each table adorns a single stemmed red rose which compliments white silk linen. On the walls hang glorious masterpieces painted by great artists. The couple are moved to the terrace where Crystal thinks it’s appropriately romantic.

Sitting down, a smile passes fleetingly through Crystal’s eyes; thankfully this is not missed by Jake.

After ordering food, a bottle of wine appears which Jake politely refuses, opting for a soft drink instead. Crystal takes a huge gulp, the medium dry white liquid hits the back of her throat and for a second deliciously stings, whilst she feels its heat swish rapidly around her stomach.

Just what I need she thought...

“I’m so glad we’re here today Jake” Crystal quickly says. This is followed by a further gulp of extra strong liquid.

“You are?” he feigns surprise.

“Yes I am” Came Crystals indignant reply.

The lull in conversation feels awkward. Crystal tastes the burn from another mouthful ... she wants to share her thoughts with him, would he understand? Does he feel the same way? Will he reject her? Oh so many questions, so many doubts...

Jake leans back in his chair, smiles at crystals obvious discomfort.

“So you have something to tell me?”

Crystal’s decision to go for it is decidedly done at speed, once she starts words flow like the liquid she’s drinks.

“Yes, I’ve wanted to talk to you for months, but every time we get an opportunity something happens” Crystal feels warm.

“I need to talk to you very much about how I’m feeling”

Pausing, she catches her breath for the briefest moment.

“Ok, so what would you like to discuss?” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Err... I just want to share some really deep stuff with you”

“You’re not in trouble are you?”

“No, no not at all” she laughed nervously

Another gulp should do it she thought.

“I want to tell you...” Food arrives, leaving Crystal agitated.

“Go on” Jake encourages.

Picking up her knife and fork she continues.

“Damn it Jake, this is hard enough” she breathes. “I want you to know I think you’re absolutely wonderful and if you don’t mind, I’d like to explore the possibility of seeing you, maybe dating? I realise you may think our working relationship could become compromised, but I promise to be professional at all times” Another gulp from the biggest wine glass she had ever seen. A deep breath as she places her glass on the little mat...

“My career is just as important to me as I know yours is, but if we both want this I know we can work on it, I’ve never, ever felt like this about anyone”

Awkward silence returns.

“Well?” she asks nervously.

The silence is now claustrophobic. Eventually Jake moves in his chair.

“Crystal, I wondered how long it would take you to get that out” Jakes hands reach across the table, warmly he entwines strong fingers through hers and then squeezes reassuringly.

Crystal breathes like it’s her first breath... It feels like she’s died and gone to heaven.

Relaxed and laughing she replies, “I can’t tell you how nervous I’ve been”

With a look of seriousness, Jake whispers

“This can’t get out Crystal, the chances are you would lose your job, relationships within the service are taboo and definitely not encouraged and we have to be very careful, take our time and see how it goes”

Big wet happy tears slip down pink cheeks, it’s all Crystal ever wanted. The two of them spend the next 2 hours talking non-stop. When it’s time to go, Crystal wishes with all her heart that the night could last forever.

Reading her mind Jake promises to bring night caps to her room when the house is asleep.

It wasn’t long before they pulled in through the double security gates and drove up to the house. With a stolen touching smile, mindful of the secrecy with the love of her life, Crystal shyly lowers her eyes as she proceeds to move into the residence... her mind captivated elsewhere, didn’t expect to be shot through the chest as she opened the side door... Jake jumped, alerted to the cracking sound of a shotgun fired, he spins around. The world for him slows down to a micro movement per millisecond as in horror he watches Crystal frantically clutch her chest then collapse to the ground. Scrambling to pull the driver’s side door open he hears her scream as another shot pierces her left shoulder. Blood is everywhere; very slowly she puts her right hand up to the gunman acknowledging defeat.

Evil personified the gunman stands over her then at point blank range, he fires...

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