Saturday, 21 November 2009

Waiting.. Waiting.. Waiting..

This week has been endless... its been long and lonely... On a positive note, it's allowed me the gift of utter rest and singular solitude.

To be completely alone with my own thoughts has proven to be a blessing, although in all honesty at the time I felt it a curse... I was poorly, bedridden and not quite feeling myself... It all started with tremendous all over aches & pains.

My immediate thought because of the strength of this discomfort was that I had contracted swine flu like unfortunately so many of my friends.... looking at the symptoms, indeed I did display many of them and I felt like I had flu. The missing link for me was my nose wasn’t running. I had all the other symptoms.... Unusual tiredness, headache, sore throat, cough, loss of appetite, aching muscles and although I was not sick I felt sick... I was in bed until Wednesday where I started to feel better but the headache & unusual tiredness took its time in going... During this time I slept and dreamt a lot. I went through a phase of missing people who are no longer on our planet and at one point I started to feel very sorry for myself. I’m glad to say this was short lived; I find myself very fortunate in having the best partner, family and friends in the universe.

At first I felt like I had lost a week from my life, but no... That’s not true, I just went through an allocated space of time and I needed to re-charge my batteries. Your body you know, is the best device to tell you when it’s time to slow down; it drags you back forcing you to gather your resources so that you are safely allowed to heal.

During my solitude and whilst I had the luxury of those thoughts, I tried methodically to get all those rambling ideas and thoughts to calm, at the same time making an invisible list in an attempt at getting myself organised for when I became well again.

Also during my week out of synch, I did not write or even make any notes. A few times I thought about it but the lethargy was so awful I just couldn’t. I am pleased to report my appetite is back, my thoughts are again on the run and my head is no longer hurting. My dream is back on track and after today it’s time to start on module 2 of my writing course... I’m so glad I have recuperated because unfortunately my gorgeous man was sent home from work yesterday (Fri) and if you knew him you would know that just doesn’t happen... So now I am better, it’s thankfully just in time to take extra special care of him.... If any of his lovely colleagues are reading this, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking care of him... you will never know how much it’s meant.

I will be fly back soon hopefully with something wonderful to share with you. Mwah xxxx 

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