Saturday, 28 November 2009

Live..Love..Laugh..Listen & Learn..

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I have loved the past week with its merry go round of activities and the fresh burning ideas I hold securely in my possession whilst going about my daily life...

My blessings this week so incredibly different from the week before, with me feeling like I was at deaths door... awaiting my turn for a possible visit from the great man himself. Very dramatic I hear you mumble... No not at all, just rather darkly lucid!

Those differences in the past two weeks have allowed me to feel the complete joy of being able to work, love, live, laugh, learn and listen.... All the (L) words have been very significant in my life this week... and each word I felt deeply and understood more so then at any other time. I think it takes a good bout of feeling poorly, bed ridden and incapacitated with a touch of feeling sorry for one-self... to realise, when you’re well, that feeling is absolutely beyond description as the latter was so utterly awful. Sorry to drone on.... but I wanted you to feel my words in pictures....

This week found me loving time in work... I watched magically from a distance, whilst I observed myself dealing with the back-log. I also found being able to multi-task to a degree where I was doing the job, planning the next piece of work in advance and arranging different styles of strategies to be used in the future. I presumed much later that my brain had very much rested from my previous stint in bed. It made me feel much more alive. I felt the glitter and sparkle from the whole of my being miraculously return. Strangely enough....this helped me laugh more. I have found recently... you laugh and the world laughs with you. Bit of a cliché but Oh sooooo true.

I learned earlier this week I’m more then capable of calling a spade a spade. I recently discovered an important inner part of me that totally understands beyond all reasonable doubt that sadly some people dwelling on this planet, although they have the potential to be loving & caring with close and immediate family members, they don’t have the capacity to be realistic or understand that some people outside the circle can not and will not go on forever putting up with garbage from days gone by.... There would have been a time for a possible fix to the problem but sadly that time has disappeared... Just for clarification, I‘m the person outside that circle and I have total understanding of that imperative fact... It’s very sad but for everyone there is a cut off point, mine has been reached which to be absolutely honest with you totally goes against my grain, because I know in my innermost soul I have never, ever given up on anything or anybody... I never have and I never want to again... In this instance, I know the human being I refer to will wholeheartedly agree with me.

It’s so good we all have the capacity to listen... I can not over empathise enough about this vital skill. Listening is so important, it enables us all to offer help... provide support... empower individuals and learn what matters most.

Whatever happens in ones own world I know... we can be sure, lifes experiences help us and for me this week I have found living my life has been extremely beautiful... I am a lucky lady to have the life I own and in owning this life I decided earlier this year I wanted to share it most unreservedly... The reason is this... if my experiences and my words help just one person in this universe, then I’m keeping my promise of making a difference. I aim to be that difference... One of my little bugbears in life is that some people are suspicious, totally disbelieving of someone who doesn’t have an agenda or an ulterior motive... If you are one of those people then I would question where you yourself are coming from. Come closer my little doubting Thomas while I gently whisper in your ear... "I don’t want anything from anybody except of course to be able to share my thoughts and ideas with you"

Before I forget, I'm pleased to announce... I have the chance of being published in a wonderful book all about what books mean to us and why. Here's the link... go on it's worth a wee look!

Thank you for stopping by it’s been a pleasure.... I hope to fly by soon with more words on thoughts...
Mwah xxxx

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