Sunday, 11 November 2012


Before I progress into the realms of my Blog, please let me apologise for the lack of work within its pages... It’s not because I can’t, or even because I don’t want to, it’s because life is busy and dictates any time I have left to flourish within the delicious world of words...

Today I'm here and for this I am thankful...

Some of us understand that change is inevitable- even necessary. Some of us are able to share and care, some of us are cautious to the point of hiding behind self-imposed walls...some of us tremble at the very thought of opening up; some of us are stuck in the past. Where-ever you are, maybe a change is needed... put it into your life plan and welcome it along the way!
 For me the last six months have been a whirlwind of ever changing changes, both in a personal and professional capacity. I have to reluctantly admit and not for the first time, I have always pushed and pulled against change, never wanting to deal with any fall-out from possible negative issues. I have been dealing with so much of late that I've pleasantly seen the brightest positives, emerge from recent experiences.
In my professional-life, great changes are taking place with major re-construction to the industry I work in. Initially I got to watch this change from a distance, and it’s been amazing to see unforeseen changes materialise. I understand the difference these changes are going to make to the service, and I’m happy to announce that with the current knowledge I hold, I clearly see that this was very much needed, because within this venture my role has changed, subsequently allowing me to utilise all of my skills for a job that was possibly custom made for me. It’s been wonderful to fully understand this is where I needed to be for changes to take place... I have to admit, I almost walked away but I’m so happy to be here, to benefit, along with others for the much needed re-structure.

In my personal-life more positives, and I’ll commence with my beautiful girl as you may know she has a 'Fibromatosis Desmoid Tumour' and her health has been unbelievably compromised. At the moment she is recovering from pre-programmed Radiotherapy sessions – her spirit is brighter- her outlook sunnier and we're all looking forward to the Wedding of the year in 2013... This event has been meticulously planned, with absolute precision by her and I truly believe, at times it’s what’s kept her going.
Every family has a story... Some don’t utter a single word, some whisper from the shadows, some scream from the top of mountains... I’d like to think I speak from the brightest light – to do the highest possible good. I have no idea how many people see my posts; however my deepest hope is that those of you who do, will go on to feel for a while, I was able to reassure you as I gently held your hand.

Don’t forget to stay awhile... Jane ~ xxx ~


  1. Hi Jane,

    Your family is beautiful. I am so happy to hear of the positive change with your career and so sorry to hear of your daughter's health. I wish you all the best of everything. Many positive thoughts and blessing for your daughter my friend. I know she will be a gorgeous bride. = )

    Irish Carter
    "Promoting Passionate People"

  2. Hello Irish my gorgeous friend, your visits always, always brighten my day, and I super appreciate your good wishes. We are all looking forward to the wedding of the year, and there will be much evidence of our celebrations... I hope you're feeling better and I lovingly send you my kindest thoughts.

    Jane <3

  3. I pray that you continued to be blessed with positive changes and that your darling baby girl is healed and returned to complete and perfect health...

  4. How wonderful to hear from you my friend...
    I can't transcribe how much I really appreciate your prayers, and loving thoughts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Mega Hugs