Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 Is Gonna Be A Wonderful Year...

A catch up with my wonderful Blog sounds a real good 2013 New Years Eve project... I have so many personal pictures that mean the entire world to me... I have many images that speak volumes in terms of what I’ve magically managed to capture and I have so many beautiful people in my life family and friends... so choosing just one picture to help bring in 2013 has been extremely hard... it has to be this one though, a beautiful picture of my Gorgeous Girls, my heartbeats, my joy and my unchangeable wonder...  

What have I done, where have I been, who have I been with and what did we do. What did I look forward to and how did I fare, did I heal as well as I thought I had, and did I see kindness and sparkling sincerity in those beautiful eyes of yours. Do I like where I am and do I understand where I’ve been... Do I need to stay or do I want to go... will we be happy or is there something else that we unfortunately have to fight off... A person can ask a thousand questions, and a million thoughts may invade one’s head, but the most outstanding, important answer is this... we all want different things, we’ve all lived through separate experiences, and in various ways we may each need numerous answers...

Why? Because my darling person we are all so amazingly, beautifully different.

2012 wasn’t all bad... in fact from mid July my own personal life space improved a lot for the better... Increasing positivity to the point that several months later, time found my beautiful daughter arrive safe and sound  through a life changing treatment plan, to help rid her of a tumour we uncomfortably knew as the Beast... ‘Fibromatosis Desmoid Tumour’ was zapped into submission and with that alien force annihilated ... my heart was mystically, spiritually defibrillated and thank god I survived the parental process to burst forth with unending positivity, and that somehow I sensed what would happen when my scary, helpless thoughts jumped forward, straight into the real world... When we think from the previous new year, right through the old one and arrive clambering for the next New Year to strike ...we yawn, raise our glass and no matter what we’ve been through, no matter where we’ve been, no matter how hard it was, we hold our chin up high and our glass higher still as we wish one and all a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

Am I happy...? Yes I am, and have I been through a lot... Yes I have, but guess what my little loves, so have all of you... So come on, come with me, lets count those blessings... let’s not dwell on negativity, let us look for the answers we need, and the way we are going to try and make all of this work...  A strong mind and an open heart is a very good start... I am not saying all the answers are waiting for us in 2013, but listen I have such a fantastic feeling that for a lot of us, there are going to be amazing times, wonderful opportunities and breathtaking experiences... Yes i know there may be hurts and there may even be sadness, but that is when you gather your loved ones or you touch the shoulder of a friend, or you reach out to a stranger ...  it’s all there, and it’s all possible.

Life is astonishing so close your eyes, make your wish and hold on real tight.

Stay with me as I wish you all a Very Happy and Wondrous New Year... 



  1. I have a good feeling too, and so very happy to hear your daughter was able to slay the "Beast" all the best to you and your family...cheers to the start of a new friendship!

  2. I'm excited that we are both feeling the bright light of positivity in terms of what 2013 may hold, and I sense the beginning of our new friendship feels right... I’m a long-established believer in instinct... I’m delighted to report my daughter’s treatment proved one thing, it took away her pain, the proof will be with her next MRI but again my heart tells me this is going to be a positive outcome.

    I guess you've discovered I don’t have a problem saying how I feel and I don’t have a problem sharing that stems from being disgustedly suffocated for much of my life... No one can shut me up and to be fair, no one has recently tried... Which warmly brings to mind the well-known saying, ‘I’m a Lover not a Fighter’ this is Oh So True... Well, at least not until I’m cornered... Ha!

    I have to say though... I do try to appreciate not everyone likes someone who appears to wear their heart on their sleeve, but I do believe the saying ‘she aint nobody’s fool and magically senses when its right and appropriate, always taking into account, another’s heart and wishes’...

    Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot!

  3. Truly my pleasure...I think the world is due for a few who are bold enough to embrace vulnerability...I think as more and more get comfortable with it, we will see an emergence. Writing in some respects, when you are in the memoir/non fiction realm is a threatening prospect, I find it a struggle to be totally naked which is why I presume it is in some ways so therapeutic...I am learning how to be free. I am not so sure that not everyone likes someone who appears to wear their heart on their sleeve vs. perhaps the sharing strikes a 'nerve' with them where they in fact do relate, something resonates with them, and perhaps certain feelings emerge as a result of what others share. The theme for me this year is "NO SHAME" and when I say that I don't mean in the respect that there are deep dark secrets hidden that are shameful, vs. drowning out the voices of discouragement that tend to thwart vulnerability. Our society shuns such simple honesty...I too am very glad we have been able to connect. I have also learned to trust my intuition...I believe it's a gift we're given as women for protection. I read somewhere the universe gave man physical strength and us intuition. I'll roll with Please know your daughter is in my prayers well as you and your family for strength, and 'instinct' on how best to help her through. We will talk soon. All the best and a very happy and blessed New Year!

  4. I appreciate you more than you may ever know, my reasons are many... I guess the main one is your open, honest; communication... You have touched me so profoundly deep because I know all that we have discussed is not always that easy to display... but know this... I truly appreciate you and your beautiful words...

    Thank you so much for touching my heart and soul ... Each time I put myself out there or write a piece or make a comment I always want to make real honest to god connections, but as we have already touched upon, it’s hard when another won’t reach out and feel... The moment I sensed you, I knew the connection would be warm, open, honest and wonderful...

    Thank you my friend, long may we talk.


  5. Just stopping by to see if you've added to this wonderful blog. I wanted to respond to your lovely comment on the Facebookie; however, it seems they are down, or perhaps I've crossed the line (doubtful) nonetheless, I do look forward to reading more here and hope you are having a lovely day although you might be sleeping, it's 9 am Saturday...peace love and blessings...and yes long we may talk...<3

  6. It Saturday night, 7-20pm and I’ve been on the go for most of the day... Always love hearing from my lovely friend, and I’m so glad you like the comment I left on FB. I would so like to write more on here but I find working full time and other commitments, make it impossible for me to write down all my madness...

    Love that you came to look though... Mwah lovely lady, so glad you’re here!