Sunday, 3 June 2012

My Secret...

Thoughts become powerful once we believe........ Occasionally we think we know everything and then we realise, actually we don’t... I always hear myself talk about light bulbs, today a big one switched on, bright as the sun; it was then that I became fully aware of:

~ A Secret ~

For well over a year I’ve walked round in the most miserable fog... given into the worst possible thoughts anyone could ever imagine... more recently clarity has magically embraced me and I have to happily say, it feels so damn good!  To be honest there are many reasons for this... none of which I will go into right now, but today it feels very important that I stop by a sadly neglected blog to reacquaint myself with it and you... Hopefully I’ll re-establish steady, determined footprints on this amazing journey through an unpredictable, and very often crazy life...

I want to smile, I want to laugh and I especially want to share a brand new sense of purpose... Today it’s good enough that I’m able to focus on this moment in time, where I can at long last feel inspired to move forward after being stuck for so long... I know many individuals will benefit from this but none so much as me....  Wings open; my soul is more than ready for what I need to do next ~ all I ask is that you stay with me...

Remember thoughts become things... I’m going to choose the good ones!


  1. Hi Angel,

    Glad to see that you are happy and smiling. I have been in transition trying to change things over to my own website now and have gotten my own domain so I am still trying to figure out if others get my responses and can see my blog now.

    Take care.


  2. Irish at last I am here... I sincerely hope you are well. Apologies for the delay but things have been super busy. Hopefully I will get time to venture back into the world I so love to be involved with, also hope to get a chance to come over to your neck of the woods and see what you've been up to <3