Monday, 4 July 2011

Family, Friends & Freedom

Over the past few months I’ve had my own fair share of thoughts; it would appear that I’ve become one of life’s thinkers! It’s also well documented how much I love to write. I enjoy the freedom of words and thoughts, which one way or another ensure magically they come from the top of my head and on the odd occasion from behind my ribcage. Today I thought about a very special file I hold on my desktop... Its label clearly states ‘Inspirational pictures’ Since 2009 I have carefully collected beautiful pictures, mostly motivational, that I’ve occasionally stumbled across whilst researching articles.
Sometime ago I collected the picture above, I instinctively recognised that one day I’d want to use it just to get a special message across to family and friends... letting them know, I love them and to possibly say a big fat sorry if I’ve ever been a pain in the ass... It’s terribly important to acknowledge the fact and let people know you really are sorry if you’ve upset or ignored them or even just not seen their pain or suffering.

I know sometimes we can all get thoroughly consumed within our own lives, our own difficulties, that we somehow miss important signs, especially from family and friends who maybe not so great at stepping up and saying, “Hey this is happening to me”... “I’m not coping, I need you and I need your help” Instead regrettably, it can go unnoticed until something drastic happens and then it can be too little to late or, you do help but sadly it’s rushed. Being realistic, that unfortunately can be the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. However, it doesn’t mean you’re less of a friend, just means sometimes... you have you own stuff to contend with...

Me personally, I‘m one heck of a lucky lady... the internet, social networking websites and my forever disappearing mobile phone, has brought to me, a wealth of contact and communication... I think I would cease to be if I could not communicate. Sometimes just sometimes, I wonder whether I'm guilty of communicating too much and possibly waffling on a bit too long... but, hey that’s part and parcel of someone’s personality, if you’re in the company of family and friends then it’s absolutely A-ok!

So my dear bloggers, if you’re reading this and you’re in my family or you’re my friend, then I want you to know I don’t often say it but, I love you. If you’re a stranger reading this, then I sincerely hope you got something from my ramblings, because I always manage to get something meaningful from sharing them...

Angel turns to look where her last impatient thought went as she lazily stretches her wings high up towards the heavens...


  1. oh jane i'm so happy that i am one of your cyber space friends so many miles away but yet we connect in such a wonderful way! loved it sister! janie

  2. My beautiful friend you know I'm happy to be in your world too... Coming home from work of an evening, I happily wonder if I've had a message from you, so as you see, its something I look forward to on a daily basis... Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment it's well and truly appreciated. Big warm hug from across the water... One day maybe a real hug will be on the cards! Take care Sister :) xxxx