Friday, 10 June 2011

At last I see the light...

I can hardly believe it’s been March since I last wrote anything... My life seems to have been taken up with so many things, some wonderful, some not so wonderful, but the biggest issue within all of that has been ‘TIME’...

Not having enough time to deal with life in general has been the biggest problem... I’ve opened a business, been blessed with a beautiful granddaughter, supported my family, planned our wedding and worked two full-time jobs. To be honest, there have been times when I thought... please god, send more hours ~ simply because, there’s just so much to do. Now, here we are!

Securely in June 2011 ~ I feel the pressure is off ... You all know I love to write, it’s a passion. For me it burns, heals and magically relieves and releases immeasurable thoughts with substantial ideas. Its thoughts which help me to focus on the here and now and very importantly, the future!

I’m right in saying that I’m an open individual but maybe, not as open as some of you may think... There are many things I’d like to talk about but, many things I won’t... For now at least, I’ll simply say, I’ve missed sharing words with you, expressing chosen sentiments within sentences and as my title above suggests... ‘I see bright light at the end of my tunnel’ I’m sure the message was ~ that for a while, I was needed elsewhere! The one thing I know for sure is that right now my job is far from over, but, I will juggle as I’ve done all my life to be where I must be and I purposefully know, I’ll stay true to all, especially myself.

During the past 2 years within the silence of my mind... I have begged, prayed, screamed, whispered, played, slept, cried, ached and leaned heavily on my thoughts. So, although not everything will be shared in this unpredictable future, I will somehow endeavour to portray my essence on the wings of my words. Anyway, who said I have to make perfect sense, Ha, I suspect in the past I have absolutely not! ;-)

It’s worth saying that I’m deeply thankful for any opportunity to share and care... I know with each and every beautiful and not so beautiful day, I will always try very hard to retain the humour, life and characteristic positivity which I so deeply want to represent in my world, especially when sharing it with you.

Angel gently shakes her wings, watching as tiny wisp like feathers drift off to where they need to go...


  1. In the midst of life's struggles, and we all have them, you seem to be in a wonderful place in life. You are a blessed woman Jane, and such a blessing to me. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing. Your Sister, Janie

  2. Janie I am proud to call you my sister! You my darling girl have managed to give me the biggest emotional lump in my solar plexus and just for the record lovely lady, I'm also looking forward to connecting further with a kindred spirit.

    More magic on its way to ease those aches'n'pains... Mwah :) x