Saturday, 16 July 2011

Life is for Living...

This week I’ve had major dilemmas, important thoughts and the occasional idea. On more than one occasion I found myself concentrating long and hard about a saying I’d heard many times ‘Life is for living’ this week I discovered that to be very true ~ my weeks had many priorities and I’m relieved to report, I managed to accomplish everything I set out to do... even my beloved writing which, as you know these days it's a flippin miracle if I get the luxury of sitting down to tap, tap, tap away... However the good news with this long standing issue is that, I feel closer than ever to seeing my dream materialise.

Right where was I? Oh yes, ‘Life is for living’ throughout the week I clearly saw that if you present to the world as a happy, smiley person who loves everything and everybody, then feedback is immediate and overwhelmingly positive. If however you’re sad, down and not presenting as that happy little person who has the world at their feet then on more occasions than not, you’re on your own and unfortunately, you’ve simply got to get on with it... Long ago, I discovered it was easier to be the actress, pretend the world’s alright... bury your problems including sadness and yes, even loneliness because I realised if I was the me with issues, then I felt I wasn’t acceptable, I found myself pretending to be popular, the person who’d got the world at her feet... Of course it was usually play acting but throughout time, I realised if I pretended then sometimes even I believed.

I also discovered it wasn’t actually a bad thing to pretend, because more often than not I ended up helping to heal myself without making any demands on other individuals... who quite possibly had their own nightmares going on... This in turn helped me to help others as I ended up becoming quite a sensor for other people’s hidden hurts, I seemed to lock into their difficulties and sense their challenges... The miracle for me has been when helping others, it’s magically helped me and as well as being a huge learning curve I’ve also grown to understand why life really is for living.

We may go through life learning much. Each person seems to have their own fair share of challenges, good or bad. For my family and I the past two years have been particularly challenging. On reflection, if I thought the stuff I went through as a child was tough, then I had no real understanding of how hard it was going to get. I have also gratefully discovered how beautiful life can be and how simply wonderful it is to hold family and friends in ones heart and know always, it's your job to be the best you can be...

I always find myself saying, I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes, but, I’ve also learnt so much too which is thankfully ongoing. I have weaknesses, I have strengths, all of which are totally important and relevant to life experience.

Recently I described myself, as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky but always, always accessible. As I’ve become older, I know beyond any shadow of doubt, I’ve become wiser and with that knowledge, I feel a deep warmth which protectively wraps around all my senses, when those are protected, I feel secure and I know I can do so much...

Angel looks to her beautiful girls drawing them in close, she spreads her wings to wrap them in her profound, protective love and light...


  1. a wonderful read! the statement you made concerning how we are acting...projecting to others in spite of how we are feeling or what we are going through has especially been true for me in the past two months. i also felt as if i was pretending....yet as the day passed for me, my feelings began to align up to my acting. this does not mean i do not want my bosom buddies to share mt burdens with for that is a must for me! but, i do "get it." it is one and the same for me!
    as usual from your blogs walked away feeling good. xoxo janie

  2. Janie I really appreciate your feedback. Because of where I came from and who I was, I did a lot of pretending as a younger person, a little less as I got older but even today I still feel it's necessary even if its to protect another, or even oneself... I know maybe some wont agree whilst others will understand. Talking about people who understand it's the ones who have walked in our shoes and it appears to me, we could be one of the same... Thank you for stopping by and supporting me with your warmth and understanding... I always want you to feel good when you leave my world!

    Big hug to you my sister xxxx