Thursday, 11 February 2010

I reached out and you were there... so I kissed you......

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To get the full ambience of feelings and atmosphere... (thats if you have time of course) ... Please go to my Utube search bar(Left hand side) type in Proclaimers... 500 miles. It was dedicated to me by my lovely guy... Get a chillled one and enjoy as you read this weeks article....

It’s Valentines weekend and thankfully for a lot of us this is going to be a lovely time where we can validate feelings and strengthen bonds. For some of us this may be a time to reconnect hopefully enabling a new dream to develop. Sadly for some of you out there, this will unfortunately be a time to possibly feel overwhelmed with out-and-out sadness, either at what you’ve lost or what you’ve not got... If you’re alone, please let me give you a thought to contemplate....

Once upon a time I was where you are now... but please believe me when I say this... The moment you’re least expecting it, a special warmth will enter your life... even as I say this, I know with all of my heart... like me back then, you may well have given up. It will happen and it will be your turn to shine...

In view of the celebration this week-end, I’m happily dedicating my blog to 'Douglas' my beautiful man. Thank you for finding me and thank you for believing in me, you’ve raised my spirit & cleansed my soul allowing me to smile again. I never, ever want to be with out you.... Forever I will love you!

I’d like to speak briefly about the Legend of St Valentine... This is accessible on the inter-net if you’d like to read the full article I have grabbed some bits from it just to give you a flavour of what this celebration is reportedly about....

There are said to have been (3) Valentines although Historical archives make reference that a priest and bishop were the same guy the 3rd practiced in Africa and is not thought to be associated with Valentines day. In 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius declared February 14th to be the Feast Day of Saint Valentine... Patron Saint of Lovers and Engaged Couples.

From all accounts it seems Valentine assisted the martyrs from the persecution of Claudius 11 he was also known as (Claudius the Cruel) From the information that’s available it seems Claudius found it difficult to recruit males, he believed this was due to them not wanting to leave loved ones and families. Claudius banned marriages and engagements... however St Valentine and St Marius continued to perform wedding ceremonies in secret... As so often happens eventually this fact was discovered. After unsuccessfully trying to force St Valentine to renounce his Christianity, It was decided that St Valentine was to be clubbed, stoned and then beheaded.

Whilst St Valentine waited in prison for his execution, its recorded he kept his correspondence up with his parishioners, sending love notes. It’s also believed the jailer’s beautiful daughter who was also blind, regularly visited St Valentine and they fell in love. Popular belief indicates St Valentine’s last message to his love before his execution on Feb 14th 269 A.D. or 270 A.D. has transcended all time “From Your Valentine” In 270 A.D. a special church was built for St Valentines who is also believed to have been a physician, it is there where his bones are housed.

Let me get back to my personal story..... The first time I set eyes on my lovely man, my heart skipped a beat then banged so loudly I felt sure everyone in the building must have heard it. My breathing became erratic, and I must admit to feeling strangely peculiar. I was in a time and space where I was observing life along with its participants... I was on a 2nd dance floor slightly raised up from the main floor as I watched a guy walk towards me, I felt a connection... I inexplicable knew he and I were going to be soul mates.

Even though it was early on in our relationship, I silently wondered why on earth, the powers that be had left it so long for me to find one of life’s beautiful people. I gradually discovered for once in my life I’d found a guy who genuinely had my best interests at heart.

Back to the night we met... I watched as he walked towards me, in doing so I distinctly saw a determination and realised his purpose which made me smile for the first time in a long time... He’d seen me from across the room and wanted to ask me out. As he strode towards me I could see him gently excusing him-self to pass through the busy crowd, all the while never taking his eyes off me... unbeknown to him I quietly drank in his appearance and when he reached me with an impish grin he politely asked, could he buy me a drink ...I was totally captivated by him and his tall athletic figure... I noticed immediately his strong broad shoulders and gorgeous black hair which gleamed from being gelled and spiked... he looked amazing, like he’d just stepped away from a top celebrity stylist and was ready for a photo shoot.

Beautiful brown eyes kept staring at me making me feel slightly uncomfortable but the warmth I felt as I gazed up at him soon put me at my ease... Like a silly school girl I giggled, thanking him for the offer of a drink but sadly I informed him I was with a crowd of girls and we were moving on... he looked disappointed but moved in closer ( it was so noisy) and asked again if I was sure I didn’t want a quick drink... we were right near the bar so I said “Ok” I watched like an alert hawk as he ordered us both a drink when he shyly said ”if you’re having to rush off maybe I could ring you sometime, we could go for a meal or anywhere you would like” I hesitated not because I didn’t want to give him my number but because it was there in the quieter space around the bar, I realised his accent was different... he softly spoke with a Scottish lilting tone. Instantly I thought of Sean Connery which made me smile again.

I felt a tap on my shoulder as a friend advised me it was almost time to go... I really wanted to stay but I knew that wouldn’t be right. So I quickly retrieved my mobile number. We hugged briefly as I wondered whether this gorgeous human being would ring me or would he just melt into oblivion never to be heard from again.

Laughing, I found myself being pulled backwards gently through dancing crowds by friends; it felt completely surreal as I watched dancing bodies move to the beat of dance music. I felt my own heart banging like a drum as it too danced along. At the same time I tried hard not to take my eyes off the tall dark Scottish guy watching my every move. My last vision as I was pulled through double doors... a handsome man and his perfect smile.

The rest of the evening went quickly. In my mind flickered a feeling... a feeling so precious because you know it's something you can’t buy... It shrieks, confirming someone found you attractive, someone was interested and his glasses weren’t beer goggles because you know when he bought you a beer, he ordered a coke for himself. I clearly saw that illusive light through the mysterious darkness. Oh my, I had wanted to see that for so long. I wondered again if I was going to be let down... all I wanted like so many others in this beautiful life, was a nice guy who would know instinctively how to treat a woman and he be open and honest with his feelings... no mind games, just simple to goodness honesty. But I quickly reprimanded myself.... Lady Jane, this is way too early for deep profound thoughts especially at this level.... but come on you know what us ladies are like, we just can’t help ourselves... I always look at the bigger picture on most things in life... not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but hey I feel it’s always kept me safe.... On my way home I heard my phone bleep...

My tummy excitedly turned over and then nose dived towards my legs as I saw an unfamiliar number... it basically said, "have a good evening, I will ring tomorrow if that’s ok with you?"

I wanted to shout, squeal, scream, yell... all at the same time but I kept it under wraps, reminding myself this life had a funny way sometimes of turning in the wrong direction but I also knew plainly this could be the start of something good. Getting to know someone was a great way to start. I didn’t answer his text immediately ... I really wanted to appear all cool and sophisticated *smile* so I left it all of 10 minutes. My response was to tell him I had indeed had a great evening and I looked forward to his call tomorrow!

Well my friend that was the start of something that continues to be beautiful... I ‘m so lucky to be with a guy who is warm, genuine, trustworthy, loyal, tactile, generous and importantly he loves me unconditionally... I can’t imagine life without him and the cherry on the top of our cake was his proposal at New Year making life so wonderfully complete. I feel truly blessed because I’ll never forget the old days when life at times became a struggle but this says times change, nothing is the same forever and we all have the power to change our future...

My gorgeous man and I have so much to look forward to. This journey has only just begun.

Till next time... Sending big hugs with lots a love for a Happy Valentines ... Mwah :) xxx

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