Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Secrets & Sins .......

A beautiful yet haunting story about a baby girl who is adopted into a privileged life only to discover a dreadful secret on her 21st Birthday.

Sleepily opening almond brown eyes, stretching her long-lean body across cream silk sheets. Clarissa pointed her fingers and toes to their absolute limit. Hmmmmm, enjoying her stretch... it felt good. Smiling she quickly jumped out of bed, sprinting to the bathroom to shower whilst at the same time wondered excitedly what her special day would bring. It was her 21st Birthday. Smiling again she shivered with delight, she loved surprises, presents oh yes and not forgetting parties.

Once in the shower, feeling it's powerful jets of warm water wash over her... Clarissa's mind drifted back to another birthday, it was her 7th... Her parents had gently broken the news to her that she was adopted. she genuinely didn't mind, as long as nothing changed because she was a happy little girl with a very special family. She clearly remembered they told her she was special too... She had been chosen which had made her extra special. They raised her with so much love and attention. Clarissa's adoptive mother Crystal, was a successful freelance writer working from home. Her father William, was a famous architect he worked for an extremely lucrative company in the city. Their lives were prosperous.

Now fully dressed, bounding down the spiral staircase like a 10yr old Clarissa almost bumped into her mother as she rushed through the dining room door...
"Sorry Mum, didn't see you there" she cried.
"It's ok my darling, happy birthday" smiled her mother.

"Happy 21st Birthday sweet pea" her father shouted out from the dining room table.

"Awww thanks dad, I'm so looking forward to the party tonight... I need to eat and run"

"Your always dashing here and there" her mother admonished.

Clarissa noticed the beautiful fresh flowers on the dining room sideboard.

"Wow there gorgeou who bought those"?

"Their from your father. To both of us" she handed Clarissa the card it said.... '
For my two darling girls, have a wonderful day With all my love' xxx

Her mother pointed over to silver and pink helium balloon swaying in the warm air in the dining room. "that's from your father and I" mum winked.

Clarissa with toast and tea in hand, headed over to her parents, planted warm kisses on their cheeks. Clarissa stopped eating her toast to hug herself.

"What time do we have to be at the hotel for"?

"7.30pm sharp" her parents cried out together, both laughing. Clarissa could hardly eat her breakfast she was so excited.

The day went in a whirl of appointments and shops... At 7.00pm that evening, Clarissa in her bedroom put the finishing touches to her appearance, she heard her father shout for her to her to join them for a glass of champagne.

Walking elegantly down the spiral staircase her father stood in awe... "I have never seen you look more beautiful" he said handing her a glass of bubbly.

"Oh wow" her mother said "you look so... so beguiling"

"Come darling, we have a specail gift for you it will look gorgeous with that beautiful red dress" She took the square black & silver box from her fathers out stretched hand. Opening it nervously, Clarissa cried out with joy when she saw the most exquisite ruby red matching necklace, bracelet & earrings. T.B.Continued ....


  1. Jane! wow ! Im not sure how AngelJanes world work's, I clicked on last night, and you certainly left me wanting more, I just love your writing, Secret's & Sin's please tell me more xxxx

  2. Jane RowlandsAww Carol only just seen ur message... All the stories on my Blog are as you see exherts because of copyright... some of them are finished and in Competitions... Secrets and Sins is a new story and in progress at the moment. I have loads of ideas for that young lady, not all of it nice.... when I finish it, I will send you a draft. Thanks for your lovely comment really made my day! MWAH xxxx