Thursday, 16 July 2009

Night Watcher.....

I cannot tell you how it was that I caught the attention of the night-watcher. However I can tell you this.... I remember at that time I was ceaselessly poor.
I went hungry. Where possible I did odd jobs... I lived on the city streets. Times were tough. I carried my life around in a plastic bag, its handles continuously curled into barbed wire which incessantly cut into my skin. Its contents were meagre. With this I portrayed a miserable existence.
I didn’t require a lot to live. My needs were few, I was happy to know my mind still held on to its thoughts; those were mine and mine alone.
On the night in question I shivered... I recall thinking “there goes someone walking over my grave’...
The feeling continued and continued then continued some more.... It fluttered across my mind that I was about to be mugged.
Eventually stopping, I looked around the dark deserted street... I didn’t see a thing. Carrying on my way, I felt incredibly uneasy my fear constant. That pinprick of doubt ensured that through a small hole I witnessed my own fear, flooding inside me like an army of ants swarming all over my body.
At the end of the street before I turned onto the main road I heard a deep sigh, I felt as if someone were hiding in the doorway.
“I know your there” I said rather bravely.
“Do not follow, I have a weapon, I will use it if I have too”
I turned right onto the main road I distinctly heard a scuffle from behind... quickly turning, I scanned the perimeters. I was feeling extremely alert. I knew I was about to be faced with the fight or flight syndrome.
Staring hard through the darkness which was faintly lit by widely spaced streetlights, I saw no movement. I was about to go on my way when... He stepped out of the alley....
He stood 6ft tall, Black eyes with red pinpoint pupils and a slash for a mouth. He sneered towards me; I further observed his hooked claws for hands which were neatly folded across a wide chest... Its hair was like a lion’s mane, he wore a long coat which strangely floated behind him despite there being no breeze.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head on every point. All of those points are just as important as each other. I appreciate the feedback and take heart in your comment.

    Kind regards :)