Sunday, 19 May 2013

I am Me... Do you know who you are?

I don’t think I will ever be able to articulate eloquently enough, what being ME actually means... Just being able to communicate from my heart & soul is enough to enable me to carry on communicating to family, friends and strangers. You may not believe this, but once upon a long time ago I would not have dared to say BOO to a goose... I’ve come a long way, I have found out who I am, I have grown to love the me I have become, and that in itself is honestly amazing.

What have I learned this past week...?
That sometimes I can be a little thoughtless, and I need to remember not everyone is like me; they don’t want their business shouted from the roof-tops... I have witnessed that having things to look forward to, makes life that bit more exciting... And from this week’s experiences, it’s been reinforced that family and friends are super-duper important... I have further realised that no matter what one does for another, it won’t make them happy unless they engage 100% ... I think I’ve recently understood that I cannot fix everyone, but I have a feeling that will be an ongoing journey of progression, since I truly sense because of who I am I will never give up trying... I have also further discovered that I seriously have the best husband in the whole wide world; he is such a beautiful soul, so caring, so kind and so considerate... I am a lucky lady to have met and married such a wonderful man, he brings out the best in me and that further adds to the extraordinary wonder of our marriage...

I also know that no matter what we learn, what we run with and who we love and support, the journey will be as long as our learning is on this planet... every brand new day is beautiful, the skills we use to progress will always have an impact on those around us, that’s why it’s ultra important to use Kindness as your key... with kindness, peace always appears and peace is the very best start for learning and wisdom....  If you sit back, reflect and share all that you discover, individuals will become so much wiser and able to pass along shared knowledge ... choices have impact, make sure your choices are for the best... that will then be the justice you bestow on countless others.

Now to look forward to next week and see what develops as I further investigate on this wonderful journey that's set before me...

Don’t you forget... stay close and visit often, your company is most welcome...



  1. It is the very early hours of the morning here and I had a restless night for several reasons. I was prompted to visit some friends' blogs and that brought me here. I love this type of stream of consciousness exercise that you engaged in with this article! I did something similar the other night where I listed things that I love about a specific individual, and the beauty of writing that list was that I smiled the whole time I wrote it.

    Greeting ourselves with your exercise here is equally powerful, and I find when I do this type of list, I learn a great deal about myself. I gain clarity, I am prompted to tighten up areas where I've been lax, and I'm inspired to do better and be better. And I'm reminded, as were you, that I'm a constant work in progress.

    Much love to you, dear one! <3

    - Dawnie

  2. Oh Dawn how I love your visits... you always bring a powerful beauty to my thoughts, and I so enjoy your take on things... I’m happy you enjoyed my article, because I really enjoyed writing it... I certainly gained clarity by recalling my week, and working out things I happily learned. The thing with me as with so many others is that I enjoy passing on my knowledge.

    I hope you eventually managed to get some sleep!
    Mwah xxxx