Saturday, 23 March 2013

Writer's Connection...

White fresh paper with blue/black ink... or if you’re a bit more like me, then it will be a clean keyboard, and crisp computer screen. Then as you prepare for your precious session, there’s a silent but indescribable noise that only you can hear... so when its high pitch screech hums for you to come, play... You'll then realise for a millionth time, that writing is a wonderous participation, and sharing your well thought-through contribution, after  you’ve finally edited the piece as much as you dare, is quite often payment enough! Writing, reading, editing... reading editing and feeling tiny stirrings of butterfly-ish delight as you realise... it’s you who wrote the words, you’re the one responsible and then as your about to publish, it hits you... your writing is a journal of consistent healing, it’s a wonderful continuance of the work you so love to do... I find whatever I write always adds to the health of my wellbeing, and with one article after another I watch, learn and grow... 

I’ve always thought, if you don’t like a story then all you have to do is write your own... use life experiences with preferences towards bringing to life a scene, a moment or an encounter that no other could have experienced in the way you did. That’s the magnificence of writing, and for me it’s also the beauty of reading... to sit, read and feel what a writer is trying to portray... Take in their words, see the scene and understand as much as possible ~ The Story ~ Their Story ~ if you feel connected, it’s possibly because you’ve been through similar.  

It’s also my belief that if there is passion, and the narrative comes together correctly, then you can rest assured someone, somewhere will enjoy your work... a lot won’t but that really isn’t the point, there is a saying, a quote I think from Abraham Lincoln,  

‘You can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time’

Recently in the writing world I’ve been communicating about what others might feel are appropriate terms which might describe a story, the situation or even a character... It came to my attention that some individuals don’t like the way writers, can and do express things for instance... recently a writer was (politely) questioned on using the term ‘Guys’ when addressing people ~ They felt there was a possibility it could be demeaning to women... for me personally, it’s not a problem and the point I would like to make without waffling, is that, if the way a writer writes offends, then please don’t read their stuff. When I write I like to think I write as I speak, if the occasion permits I like to shorten, lengthen and use words that I feel comfortable with... I don’t do this to offend anyone, or demean, I'm just being me and to be fair I don’t know any other way to write... All I am wholly aware of is that I want to talk to you with a rich, warm, welcoming voice... so that reader’s feel like it’s just we two. I also do visualisation when writing, so to be honest as much as this post may be read by many, I only see one. However in my heart of heart's, I like to think my writing touches many and it is hoped you get a lot from my words and experiences. I have lived through much, and always try to share what I can, so it will continually be my wish, to help, even support whoever stops by.

I hope you never stop returning to AngelJanes World... there’s usually something being discussed or shared, and has is always felt... please remember, I care that you stopped by.

Stay a while, because you’re more than welcome  


  1. My dear Jane, what a wonderful post! This train of thought is one that I've often shared when I teach creative writing courses. I phrase it a bit differently, but it's the same concept - write what you know, using verbiage that is comfortable to you. Don't worry about your audience, because your audience will find you. They'll resonate with your work for the very reason that you're "speaking their language", both with words, and with emotions.

    I think it's when we second guess ourselves and do the High Stepping Freaky Dance to accomodate everyone else that we come to grief. Your Lincoln quote addressed that part of the equation beautifully.

    I'm so happy you're enjoying your writing and your own unique journey!

    Namaste' and love,

    - Dawn

  2. Hello Dawn, how wonderful to see you here, I always love it when you stop by. I also really like this particular piece of writing, the words, thoughts and the unfolding concepts...

    I’m realistic and I hope I have always tried to advertise, in a warm, positive light that I don’t profess to be a brilliant writer, or even a good one at that... I just know I am heart-warmingly passionate about writing, sharing and it’s so important to me to be able to communicate to the best of my ability, to anyone who cares enough to stop by and be in my world for a little while... If my writing progresses as you and I have shared before, then oh what joy there will be...?

    Thank you for stopping by my beautiful friend because I do know how busy you are...

    Many hugs and blessings <3