Saturday, 28 January 2012


These thoughts are written from a pure heart and spoken with a deep love wrapped up in affection, directed towards every single, living being...  If your out there and receptive, wanting to learn without making the same mistakes I made, then read and learn, but also appreciate I realise everyone has to make their own mistakes, I grew up believing this to be so... but today I want to say... ok, go make your mistakes, but if its a mistake that I can point out for you to avoid simply because it involves family and friends, then I am sure you might listen... Even so, I'll continue knowing the choice will still be yours!

If you’re still there my friend and having a bad time, take it from me, don’t waste time on the He said, she said, He did, she did, syndrome... Too many years are wasted and can never be retrieved ... which unfortunately I’ve found to my cost, ultimately making me feel very sad... When we’re young we feel infallible... I did, I thought I’d never age; I very rarely looked at the bigger picture or to any insensitivity or my selfishness or even a lack of thought... I never actually sat down and thought about the effect my decisions would have on others, well not long term anyway... Don’t worry I’m not beating myself up, just thinking out loud! At present I see so clearly, it's as if a veil's been lifted and for me right now, I super sense if I’m able to pass this wisdom on to just one person, then it will all be worth while... Again, If it’s fixable...Please, fix it, life is so precious, and this is it!

Although I feel no different inside in terms of when I was younger, I also totally sense my spirit is ageless, I mega understand I wasted so much time, I also put precious energy into the wrong things...  Blamed others, pointed the finger, believing I was always right...

How many times do we say, I wish? I know if I had a penny, for every time I’d uttered these wistful words, I’m convinced, I’d be a millionaire by now...  Today, I dedicate this gorgeous song along with these tender words, to a special sister, in the knowledge that sometimes life surprises us all, because on occasion WiShES ~ do and can come true. It’s quite a warm, restful feeling, knowing the chances are that maybe something once thought out of our grasp, actually is closer than we ever thought possible.

Life’s a funny old thing, opening and closing doors the way it does... My deep Wish today is that I will continue to develop, improve and embrace each new day, recognising every tiny blessing, ensuring I can pass on a deep love with respect and affection to all my family and friends.... As so often happens in life when one experiences certain conditions that occasionally become overwhelming and unbearable, its heart-warming to feel, even if for the briefest moment, that potentially a dream may possibly come true, and even if it doesn’t... you clearly understand that at least the opportunity came for us to make things right... 

I hope I don’t ask to much when I request that you stay close!  

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