Sunday, 8 April 2018

I'm Here... Are You?

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A Place to be…

I need a place to visit where others feel the same… I want to mix with like-minded people who do things with good intention and for the highest good.  I would visit often, and I hope others might do the same. Interaction is medicine and food for the soul. Sharing and caring bathes the world in positive light… visit anytime and click for attention, if I’m not here, I will return as soon as I can.

Hello, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy living life, and keeping my Facebook writers page updated; however, I’m not feeling all that with how the wheels of interaction turn on Facebook, so I’ve decided to return to the world of blogging…. Hopefully I’ll touch more people then I currently do in the blue world of Facebook. So many people on there, yet, I'm only allowed to be visible to a chosen few. It’s time to move on, develop and share my-self here with special links for long-time, dedicated followers …

Currently, I have a few projects going on and recently, I organised a special, writing space where I hope to develop a routine to my writing. I decided I need structure and this is the way forward.  

As I progress through daily writing habits, I’ll work on themes and share what I can…

MJ Ewen  

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