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Eden Raven 1849...

Image 'Charles W Morgan 'ship from Wikipedia
A Taster...  

His thoughts dream and drift towards many possibilities. His love for her has no end, but he knows beyond the stars and back, she is many things with many faces... Right now this beautiful woman has produced a tangled labyrinth in his tortured mind. The plot thickens as he senses trouble lurking closer. Now more than ever he knows it's time he steps toward encouraging her to see that his warm heart is genuine and real... Why is this so complicated, why do things have to turn? His observations prove this woman holds her secrets close, inexplicably he knows he's the one to help, the one to be there, hold her close when it all becomes clear... He also knows in this life what you see isn’t always what you get...

There is just one pressing problem, they have yet to meet!

Dense fog swirls dream-like around the largest ship, which lies securely docked against the towns harbour wall.  Frost sparkles from every visible flat surface, and in the slowest of motion, tiny waves hit the ship, making rhythmic thumping sounds from small pieces of ice which bang alongside its beautiful, dark aged wood. This magnificent ship has managed for the longest time, to keep all who have sailed in her, safe. 

Leaning against cold metal of the lamp-post, Drake smiles, he lights yet another cigarette and then puffs acrid grey smoke upwards, towards the bright light of the moon.  He recalls how his mother had time and time again told him the story of his name; she’d wanted to call him ‘Drake’ after Francis Drake, who had sailed around the world in the 1500s. Oh how he smiled when he thought of how her face would crinkle with happiness, at the very thought of her own boy sailing away on his own adventures, taking in the sights and sounds of the world and then bringing them back to share. His mother wanted treasures and stories from the most interesting people, but most of all she wanted to hear about the warmest places.

In his faraway state he jerks as he hears the clip-clop of a maiden’s foot-fall.  
Darting towards the darkness of a nearby door-way, he huddles within. 

Drake’s heart beats faster than a trapped moth whose wings bang savagely against glass in its effort to escape.   

Why is she here again he thought?

The silhouette of a woman glides effortlessly past, stopping briefly she glances round, and then she gently stretches out pale slender fingers, which tightly grip the ships thick rope, she is relieved that there’s no one there. Breathing out, she gingerly embarks upon the ships rickety platform. The bustle her silk dress irritates her, and as she stops again to ensure that she has definitely not been followed, she quietly moves on.   
Drake emerges from the darkness, still cautious just in case she looks back.

Stealthily he creeps along the side of the ship, knowing he just has to follow; he wants to find out what is going on. Nearing the top of the ships platform, he hears voices.
Pressing himself against the creaking wood he holds on to his breath...

“How much?” she cries
“I’ve told you time and time again” he growls.

“Dear sir I cannot afford such an extortionate price; she whimpers, I need you to take me before it’s too late”.
“Get off of my ship this instant and do not come back”

“Please sir I beg of you, I need to go as soon as possible... you are my one and only hope”

“I want 20 pounds and if you can’t afford that, then you need to leave” he smirks.

The young women fights back tears; she would not let this cruel man see her cry.
“I am at your mercy sir... please”

“Get OUT” he screeches... roughly pushing past her he rips open the cabin door and points a bony finger into the darkness.
Back on the platform she hears the cabin door slam shut. Her heart broken, what will she do? The captain is leaving in a few days, and she just didn’t have that kind of money, she was more than willing to pay her fare, she was even prepared to work on board, but dear lord he was not agreeable for that to happen.

Leaning against dark, damp wood, she wipes her eyes; she would figure something out... he was not leaving this harbour without her; she would make sure of that. Holding on to the rope, she makes her way down the platform. Already she has a plan formulating, but it would take some thought... she needed more time.
Once again he moves out from inside the shadows, Drake watches as she disembarks and without looking back she hurries along damp cobbles towards her reluctant destination.  Shaking his head, he makes his way home, but not before following Eden, he must make sure she gets home safely. 

(©) Jane Ewen  2014


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