Thursday, 8 December 2011

For me...

Not many people know what life has in store ~ in my opinion and being completely honest, it’s a damn good job!

Sometimes we can go through the most devastating circumstances, and then find we go on to struggle with the most inconceivable challenges.

I write to remind myself of some of the many blessings I have in life.... Occasionally though, the gloom and darkness have obscured what was evident... So for me I write this as a permanent reminder that despite what we go through... there is still much to be happy and content about.

Right now a big thing for me is to be in a position to thankfully share how privileged I am to be in-love, sincerely appreciating how that love feels and what it essentially means. I’m also aware of and will never forget that long ago, sad intense, crappy feelings around wanting love and remembering how sorrowful it made me feel when it was not present in my life. I also remember being in the rather lonely position of experiencing incredible, beautiful, lovable feelings, happily knowing when I found the right person who ticked all my boxes, then my invisible trusty list of wants, needs and must haves, would at last be engaged with (together) as if it were law... a law that had been written with-in a certified and magical legal contract, written by the lord of all fairness himself.

I think it’s worth a mention that I have friends who are just as happy in beautiful, meaningful relationships and some just as happy out of them. I also have friends who are not happy living their single life.  I have to add, it’s the friends who are not happy but never say anything that have inspired me to write, sharing my thoughts... I have a deep empathy for them, because after concentrating on my reflections recently, I know I’ve walked uncomfortably in their shoes.  I especially know how it feels to want something so bad that you clearly comprehend that once you have it; you’ll treasure it forever, why? Because it’s your deepest, dearest wish, to walk a path where there are clearly two sets of footprints.  I'd like to think after reading this, they will embrace the fact that even when one thinks it wont happen, it can and often does...

I’m fortunate to have a diverse range of friends, I understand being in a relationship is not for everybody, nor is it what everybody wants, but throughout life I’ve always recognised I never wanted to be alone...  However after saying that, I reluctantly but thankfully spent time alone and although it wasn’t for me, I did learn a heck of a lot about myself. It was a good time, where I managed to heal and get rid of unnecessary baggage. I later realised I’d got myself into quite a good position, where if I met the right person then I was more than ready... No hang-ups, or Pre-Ex issues, just a nice lady waiting for the right guy who would also be raring to go for an honest, genuine relationship.

Don’t get me wrong though, I did spend a little time coming across individuals who had strange morals, unsavory behaviour and very different needs...  I use to ask my friend, how do you know you've met the right one, all she would say is "You will know" she was absolutely right!  Then one fine day... a day I thought would never happen ... happened!

I think its appropriate the Blog 'You were meant for me'  is worth a mention. A beautiful reminder of the perfect moment! 

I get teary eyed when I thank my lucky stars, knowing I'm fortunate enough to be able to share this life... Maybe it’s not perfect, but you know what? it’s as perfect as we can make it...

Dont forget... Stay Close!


  1. I'm not sure if IE will let me post this as myself; if not, I'll copy and save it to post later this evening when I get home. I am so happy you took time to write out your thoughts about this, Jane. Relationships are that tricky balance to figure out. Do we want them? Do we not? If we have them, do they make us happy? And on, and on. I am single and finally at a place in my life where I recognize that I am ready to be in a relationship and I feel a pleasant sense of anticipation for it to occur. I have no idea when it will manifest, but I'm fairly certain it will. The challenge of that is to not get frustrated, or upset, or dwell on "feeling lonely" thoughts in the interim! New Year's Eve is one of the very few times of the year that I truly dislike being in a single state, so I am hopeful and putting the thought out this year that I will not be alone on that evening.

    Finally, I am so happy for you about where your life has grown to include a husband and marriage! The energy of your happiness is tangible and makes me smile every time we speak. :)

    Much love,


  2. Sister, your comments as always, warmly welcome. I genuinely enjoy responses and I feel super lucky, appreciating, that you took time out of your busy day to respond.

    You know how much I appreciate you and your thoughts. Just now you made me smile, because within your comment, there were memory echo’s of me... If it’s one thing I'm sure of it’s, you were not made to be without another and please don’t ask me how, but I know it will happen, but, only when you allow it... This is what I came to know for myself and I truly believe it’s when we’re ready and it’s right that it happens...

    Because of what you have said about New Year, which is also a very deeply emotional time of the year for me, I will now have my lovely sister Dawn on my mind, and be extra mindful of where she will be.

    Thank you again :)