Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Maltese Chronicles Part 5...

Wednesday 1st December 2010

Another bright, beautiful, breezy day... made for relaxing in the company of Angels. Five of us to be exact! You could say five sultry women on the crest of an adventurous wave...

This morning we’re meeting in the Health Spa. Should be good!! I couldn’t help but look forward to de-stressing in therapeutic waters; mineralised with unknown magic to help soothe tired, aching muscles which would hopefully caress sun drenched skin... sounds like pure heaven!

Forty five minutes later found the five of us sitting in a loose circle, bottoms placed firmly on bucket like seats which nestled upon shelves built into the pool of the Jacuzzi, these shelves buried beneath vicious bubbling water. Long haired Angels had their hair piled up high on top. Short haired Angels had wet theirs and swept it back giving them the wet look...

“So my friends, what shall we talk about today” Selina joked.

“Something disgustingly juicy” Samantha giggled.

“Well, if anyone knows Juicy, you do” Charlotte smiled sweetly.

“This isn’t entirely true” Samantha shot back as she looked in my direction.

Taken aback I raised my tone so she could hear it then sank deeper into the luxury of my bubbles.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I threw.

Four pairs of expectant eyes focused on me. Samantha laughed louder than necessary.

“Oh Carrie, I think you know exactly what I mean”

Four pairs of eyes burned brighter.

“I think your moving the focus from yourself to me, just, so you don’t have to start a conversation.”

Steam rising; I witnessed frustration bubble in Samantha's persona... Oh boy, did I know what buttons to press.

“Aha, so you would like me to start this juicy gossip session? Ok then here’s some juice for you, last night I didn’t sleep in my bed”

Samantha got the reaction she wanted.

Gasps of disbelief rose from the Jacuzzi like steam from a boiling kettle.

“No way Samantha, no way” I cried knowing she was faking it.

“Your fibbing, I saw you to your room myself”

“Yes and when you left I made a little late night call of my own to one sexy horny young man” with a look of pleasure etched on her damp face she added

“He was absolutely begging for it, I had no choice”

A silence descended with exception of noisy cascading bubbles, the place was as quiet as a church.

“Yeah, whatever, we believe her don’t we girls?” I laughed.

No response except for an overwhelming scent of lavender which completely invaded my senses.

“I actually believe her” whispered Miranda.

“Are you serious?” I spluttered.

“Yep” giggled Samantha.

“You’re outrageous Samantha Jones” I chided.

“Why am I? We’re all adults” Sam continued

“Never mind that, tell us the juicy bits” said Selina.

With the lavender getting stronger and the bubbles sounding louder Samantha began.

“Well, Mr Young Blood knocked on my door, I thought Carrie had forgotten something or maybe she was checking up on me” Sam stopped to bath her face in the over warm water.

“Go on, go on” pushed Charlotte.

“Anyway, imagine my surprise when my gorgeous Italian stallion stood tall outside my door, he leaned against the door frame, smiling – his arms crossed, then, he reached out to me and before I could help myself, he was kissing me passionately, I tell you girls I bloody swooned, then he pushed himself against me believe you me I knew what he wanted. Grabbing a dressing gown I shut my door and I allowed this gorgeous man to pull me towards his room”

Samantha went quiet... It was obvious she was back in time with her thoughts.

“Hey don’t stop there” shouted Miranda.

“Back in his room he took me through to the bathroom, candles shimmered, I knew then and there it was premeditated. He ran the bath taps pouring something wonderful and delicious into the rushing water. He was eager, but I wanted to take my time so, I shushed him. Without warning he pinned me up against the bathroom wall, dear god he was an amazing kisser.”

“Ha, yeah whatever, I think your full of baloney” I screeched laughing.

Ignoring me completely Samantha continued.

“We started slowly undressing each other, he lifted me naked, laying me down in the bath. Stepping in he knelt in-between my legs slowly lying on top of me, He placed a thousand kisses across every inch of my face, neck and body. I tell you ladies I was delirious, I wanted him more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my whole damn life.

Again the faraway look of pure pleasure was visible for all to see.

“Right Samantha, I’m going to make sure you get a golden globe award for this”

I was wasting my time; Samantha was too wrapped up in her sensual adventure. I Looked around I could clearly see the others were too.

“He started to massage me – girls it was insane, 2.00am and I was in a young man’s bath, next, he stood up his body totally amazing, every muscle rippled and became emphasised by dripping water. Reaching down he pulled me up, then gently he pushed me into the wall, pressing his lips hard onto mine, he roughly pushed my arms up high above my head, grabbed my hands tighter stretching me out in a star sign shape – My heart beat a trio of drums, I knew the time was just right, I needed him, this is what I'd been waiting for. I grabbed him good and hard we became locked in a passionate kissing frenzy”

“Sa-man-tha” I butted in sharply.

“I cannot believe you left your room and went off with a guy you didn’t even know”

I huffed and puffed, stopping in my heated bubble water as I witnessed several other women moving in closer towards our Jacuzzi, but, alas it was too late... Samantha proceeded.

Eight pairs of eyes were on Samantha now... she was oblivious as she appeared to be on planet cuckoo.

“Go on Sam” Selina encouraged.

“He wrapped me in a fluffy hotel towel as he kissed and stroked me. He lifted me up and walked towards the bed – he lay besides me. I don’t mind saying I was tingling all over, I tell you this guy was electric. He pulled away my towel completely exposing me – my goose-bumps danced in his direction. I felt his heat, more kisses planted this time across my breasts, I grabbed him absolutely frantic then I heard an annoying persistent ring which got louder and louder”

“What was it?” Charlotte whispered.

“It was my bloody alarm clock!?!”

The realisation pounded within my chest as I realised, she’d been dreaming.

“OMG – you were dreaming, fan-bloody-tastic” I cried “Love it”

“Me too” declared Samantha stubbornly “Because now Carrie dearest, I know what I must do”

Lifting my eyes towards the heavens all I could do was I smile.

By now though everyone was laughing, Samantha had given us juice alright but, right then and there I knew she was determined to see her dream become a reality. The rest of the spa session was spent asking open questions, intimate questions about past lovers... the best, the worst, how many, each of us appeared greedy to find out more and more.

The conversation went from happy to sad from funny to lively... talk about bonding, we Angels bonded on a much deeper level. The energy from the space and spa, penetrated our thoughts whilst the water wrinkled our skin. Trust pushed within the group and the fun returned, even Samantha was laughing her heart out as she pushed herself out of the warm bubbling lavender water.

Drying ourselves, I looked over to the girls...

“Hey you guys, love ya lots” I winked.

“Ditto Carrie Brad-shaw, ditto" they squealed.

The rest of Wednesday was spent having fun times and dancing with the strictly come dancing team, who we decided needed to come home with us to England and although the team agreed, they further decided they'd much rather take us home with them, as England was having the worst weather in its history... with heavy snows that had apparently brought the country to a complete and utter standstill...

That evening when Mr Young Blood walked into the busy bar with his dippy mates, there wasn’t an Angel in the house who could look him in the face... except of course for our beautiful smutty Samantha Jones.

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