Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The 2010 Maltese chronicles. Part 2...

Before I commence the 2nd part of the long awaited chronicle, I sincerely hope you don’t mind if I make a rather special request...Please allow me to make an APOLOGY... just in case I inadvertently offend anyone with either my use of fact, fiction or fantasy or the colourful way I use rich dictation. During this particular week, I became accustomed to hearing as well as seeing some multi-coloured use of language, ideas and mannerisms etc. Please remember, this has been written with ‘FUN’ in mind and is not how we would normally behave... ‘Any resemblance to anyone living, dead or stuffed is purely coincidental’... Signed: The Angels and yes, we really did meet our Charlie but hey that’s another story!!!

For those of you just joining me, this is a brief narrative of one week away In Sliema Malta’ and how it magically turned into a wonderfully, captivating journey for four women let loose to discover their own delightful inner charm which they more than willingly shared. This is based on a true story of fact, fiction and fantasy. Real names hidden, but vibrantly based on four females from the well known, much loved ‘Sex in the city’ saga. Carrie Bradshaw... Samantha Jones... Miranda Hobbs... Charlotte York. But wait there’s a 5th to be added ‘Selina’ who I’ll introduce to you a little later!

Now where was I? Oh yes... my mind spins back to Sunday 28th November 2010...

Sunday got off to a great start with an early breakfast and the meeting of some wonderful hotel staff... Breakfast, a buffet style affair in a pristine dining room, overlooked a beautiful terraced garden. One of the first members of staff who attracted our attention must have been 7ft tall, a string-like individual who initially had a most serious face so much so... I was sure that with just one glance, he’d freeze us instantly. Let me tell you this, his sour face didn’t last two minutes... before the clock started ticking he was eating out of our hands... he smiled and bowed to us as we pointed and smiled back.

Samantha, never being one to hold back, directly asked him... Did he have a girlfriend? And had his mother left him in a grow bag? Well, you can imagine the laughter; it simply rippled around the dining room... unfortunately the other residents had absolutely no choice but to be infected by us.

After breakfast we decided to explore the ‘Grand Spa Hotel’ with all its resources. The striking hotel nestled right on the edge of the sea with its coastline feeling quite dramatic for four ladies from Manchester. With its granite, marble and glass, the hotel felt magnificently luxurious.

Exploring our residence caused excitement to escalate... For some bizarre, unknown reason this started to affect whoever was near or around us. I sensed oneness from other like minded beings that were in close proximity but, I also noticed others who first observed the shenanigans from a distance they then smiled nervously, and spoke... It was almost as if the four of us were able to feed their confidence with liquid warmth which they appeared to need desperately, in order to interact and respond.

It was out of the blue during our first morning in Seliema that Samantha and Charlotte made a hilarious discovery...

“Their all Jerry’s” Samantha screamed.

“Jerry’s...?” Miranda cried in confusion.

“Yeah, Oh my good god” Samantha squealed even louder, “Bloody hell their all geriatrics!?!?”

“Yes I did notice they were older than us” whispered Charlotte in case she was overheard.

Well I understood her outburst immediately and giggled hysterically because, I realised Samantha was on this holiday for a damn good reason... and the scanned, targeted geriatrics gave her a serious problem. She was on a mission, her mission was one of love or should I rephrase that... ‘Lust’ We all know and love Samantha, we all understand that her needs were few, her repertoire quite distinct. The three of us, doubled over in laughter at her realisation, that on this particular holiday, her mission might on this occasion sadly go unanswered.

“Never mind Samantha” Miranda cried with great big fat happy tears coursing down her cheeks. “There’s a disco on this evening, I’m sure someone gorgeously delicious, will strike your fancy”.

“Well if he’s got a Zimmer, I’m outta here” she said indignantly.

After an afternoon of more laughter and us all basking in the beautiful warm Maltese sunshine, we returned to our rooms to get ready for a pre-booked meal and a date with a disco.

Dinner and a few drinks later we stumbled down a beautiful black and white shiny marble staircase that spiralled around and around... we followed faraway music to the famous ‘cocktail bar’ where dancing would take place. The bar stunningly beautiful, the furniture and surroundings completely divine but, the four of us stood stock, staring still within the opening of double doors which led into the space we thought we wanted to be... It was then we were met by the strictly come dancing brigade.

Almost defeated, the four of us slowly walked towards the bar... drinks started to flow and strangely enough gaiety returned... Our motto was this, ‘if you can’t beat em join em ‘ We started putting in musical requests... toe tapping notes zapped out, geeing up the older generation. We introduced ourselves. We encouraged everyone to dance... basically; we silently decided come what may, we were going to have a great time and that meant including everyone and not taking, no for an answer.

I’m happy to report, the new people took to us like ducks to water...

This was also the evening we met our 5th Angel, Selina. What a lovely lady... Selina turned out to be a breath of fresh air, warm, kind, and gracious... instantly becoming one of the girls. She also introduced us to other inmates. Throughout the week Selina regularly joined us on the sun terraces, in our spa treatments, she blended in well, just like a sister. Selina turned out to be an interesting person who had a top job, where her brains were the public’s priority. She kept the four of us entertained for hours on grisly as well as funny stories all of which she’d experienced within her job. I also felt something deeper with our 5th Angel, I connected on another level. I recall even advising her that she and I had unfinished business... I sensed a need within Selina, a fire was burning and I instinctively felt she was looking for something more out of life... I wasn’t totally sure and I don’t know why I felt this so strongly, but, I had the distinct impression I might somehow be the key... Our friendship deepened with our 5th Angel and along with everyone else I quickly realised Selina was a real, fun person who also happened to share my passion for dancing.

I know your reading this lovely lady... Our paths crossed but for a short time and I along with the others knew that, parting would be sad. How right we were, we miss you lots and lots...

Towards the end of Sunday evening in the bright lights of the cocktail bar, we danced our asses off; we all laughed enjoying the moment... Unbeknown to my friends, I stepped back to look around and I blissfully realised, the fun was extremely contagious and for some inexplicable reason, I felt being there within that moment with friends and strangers in the then, here and now it was truly meant to be... As we prepared to leave the bar, I saw, felt and heard happy people, smile genuine smiles and I clearly sensed with my own being, genuine shouts of goodnight with cheery waves, see you in the morning.

Contentedly, we went to our rooms knowing, tomorrow would be another day...


  1. Beautiful!!!! A time well had and well shared. I felt I was right there, probably passed out on the bar but nevertheless still there.

    Cheers my friend from the old country

  2. Awww Alex as always your thoughts mean so much and again as usual you end up making me smile! :)

  3. Hi I loved to live through it all again chuckling with rememberance of our antics, thanks so much for keeping it so alive although it can never be forgotton it was such a good time spent with great people.
    Selina from silima, hope you didnt lose my email please get in touch, hope your ok, and you really must come over so we can get together agian for more missions lol take care and lots of love jane aka carrie and selina xxx
    from charlotte

  4. Charlotte you gorgeous scrumptious creature... Yes we had the best time, and met so many wonderful people. It should be the law that we have to do a leisure trip annually (nudge nudge wink wink) Girls together, friends forever... Love all of you so much and just cant imagine life without any of you... thanks for being my friend :)

    Angel signed then sealed this with Carrie Bradshaw kisses xxxx